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A device capable of screening for breast cancer at home was developed

Spanish researcher Judit Giró Benet has developed a method called “Blue Box” that can be used at home and can be used in routine screening. It is suggested that the new device can diagnose 95% correctly.

Although mammography is routinely used today for breast cancer screenings, women need to apply to mammography centers or clinics for this situation, but approximately 40% of women do not participate in mammography screenings and 1 out of every 3 women may delay the diagnosis of cancer due to the reason in question.

Now, Spanish researcher Judit Giró Benet; Considering the aforementioned conditions, it has developed a device called “Blue Box” that can be used at home and can be used in routine scans.

The Blue Box

Although there are 6 different chemical sensors in the device called “Blue Box” and whose first studies started in 2017, these sensors analyze the urine in the urine collection containers installed in the device and already in the device.

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The user first places the urine sample in the device and then starts the device using the smartphone app. Thus, chemical sensors detect cancer biomarkers in the urine, and then the perceived data are transferred by cloud storage technology. Thus, the data in question is processed by the artificial intelligence algorithm and the results can be displayed on the application screen.

Although it is claimed that the new device can make a correct diagnosis of 95%, the researcher was also awarded the James Dyson 2020 award.

Researcher Benet and his colleagues aim to obtain funding for the patent of the new device and begin wider human experimentation. If researchers are successful in their goals, they can get FDA approval and the device in question can be widely used.

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