5600 MHz DDR5 RAMs are coming next year

Although DDR5 compatible platforms have not been announced yet, memory manufacturers are already talking about high frequencies. Asgard’s goals for the next year have surfaced.

Cheering news about the new memory standard continues to come. High frequencies are already being talked about.

The roadmap of Asgard, the sub-brand of Chinese memory manufacturer Jiahe Jinwei, which has recently announced that it is ready for the volume production of DDR5 kits, was shared.

6400 MHz on the road, 5600 MHz next year

The frequencies starting from 4800 MHz with the Alder Lake platform will climb to 5600 MHz next year . At this level, the memory that will serve at the CL 46 value will be offered in capacities between 32 and 128 GB .

When we look at the plans for 2023, we see that the company is planning kits of 6400 MHz . It is remarkable that the voltage of 1.1v is maintained despite the CL , which will increase to 52 .

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