4 months of Spotify Premium gift for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription


Microsoft will offer Spotify Premium service free for 4 months to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as a result of its cooperation with Spotify.

Microsoft is partnering with Spotify to offer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers the ad-free Premium feature of its four-month streaming service for free. This offer will only be available to new Spotify Premium users.

Microsoft and Spotify collaboration

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, including games such as Microsoft , Red Dead Online and FIFA 21 published the list. The published list also included a Spotify announcement among the games to be added soon and games to be removed.

After the collaboration in 2019, Microsoft and Spotify came together again. Starting May 4th, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be offered a 4-month Spotify Premium subscription in select markets, but only new Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Spotify Premium subscription includes downloading content for offline use, selecting and playing any track on mobile, ad-free music and better sound quality.


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