3 Reasons Ethereum (ETH) Will Surpass Bitcoin (BTC), According to Billionaire Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire believes ETH will surpass BTC.


Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire believes ETH will surpass BTC.

Ethereum’s price has been performing incredibly well over the past few weeks. In the past 14 days, ETH has increased by more than 42%. Last month, it rose more than 60%. 

This is not only valid for dollar parity. Ethereum also performed very well against Bitcoin. As of the time of publication, ETH’s dominance rate is 16.9%, while BTC’s dominance rate is almost the lowest in the last three years with 44.3%. However, the rise of Ethereum has also brought up the ‘flippening’ controversy, which means Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin .

Mark Cuban has recently become a prominent figure in participating in the cryptocurrency markets. The billionaire also does not hide his enthusiasm for Ethereum and all of its capabilities.

In a recent interview with Dallas Mavericks billionaire CNBC Make It explains three reasons why Ethereum might outperform Bitcoin. 

1. Transactions Per Second

Cuban believes that the Ethereum network’s capacity to process more transactions per second is a good enough reason to outperform BTC:

“Right now, Bitcoin is a more established store of value and there’s no reason to think it won’t stay for long. […] On the other hand, Ethereum is booming with the development that I think will create many new applications. ”

2. Diversity of Transaction Types

One of the main differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin is Ethereum’s ability to support the development of smart contracts:

“These preprogrammed builds allow developers to create a variety of applications. For just this reason, many seem to believe that Ethereum is the platform on which the “future of finance” is built. “

3. Development Studies in Ethereum

The billionaire goes on to his utility statement, arguing that Ethereum has a higher usage compared to Bitcoin :

“Ethereum outshines Bitcoin in terms of the number of transactions and the variety of transaction types, as well as development efforts […] Ethereum usage is much higher.”

However, on-chain data reveals that yesterday the Bitcoin network processed about 5 times less transactions compared to Ethereum.

Referring to the Cuban Ethereum 2.0, “The challenge Ethereum faces as an investment is that it’s hard to predict which improvements will come to light and which will not until the update is complete – something that can create confusion along the way,” he said. 

Last month, multinational investment bank JP Morgan also reported that it expects the Ethereum trend, which outperformed Bitcoin, to continue. However, analysts at JPM revealed more economic and trade-specific reasons that they believe the cryptocurrency will outperform BTC in the future. 

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