10 million people pre-registered for the new PUBG game PUBG: New State; Will be released at the end of 2021

Original battle royale PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’s new PUBG game PUBG: New State’s early registrations on Google Play exceeded 10 million.

Published and developed by KRAFON Inc, the makers of the original battle royale PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the new PUBG game PUBG: New State’s early registration has been updated.

PUBG New State, which has been highly anticipated since its announcement and where mobile players are very excited, has been pre-registered on Android devices with its announcement. It has been 43 days since its announcement, and a total of 173 countries have been pre-registered. The total number of pre-registrations exceeded 10 million. Note that pre-registration is currently only available for Android.

In the statement made on the official Twitter page of the game, the current pre-registration number was given and the first information about the release period of the game was given. Unfortunately, the date is still unclear, but according to the sharing, the game will be released in late 2021.

This new PUBG game PUBG: New State is a game that is expected to push the limits in terms of graphics. Thanks to the Global Illumination technology used, we will not only have better graphics, but also a more stable game. The game is developed for mobile devices.

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